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Bar Bending Machine


Bar Bending Machine

We are exporting GOOD QUALITY BAR BENDING MACHINE as per the requirement of our valued customers.

Features of the Machine :

1. Alloy Steel Material -  High strength material  with heat treatment increases life of spare parts.

Benefit - Reduces consumption of spare parts.

2.  Compact & Userfriendly Design - Easy to operate, Adjustable rollers and saddles, Dual Operation by hand and foot.

Benefit - Increases productivity & operator's efficiency.

3. 'ZZ' Sealed Bearing & Oil Seal in Gear Box - Prevents entry of dust in the Gear Box.

Benefit - Long life of the Gear Box.

4.  Electrical Braking System by Brake Motor and Electric Components of Scheider/Tele Mechanique/Siemens -  Reduces breakdown and ensures safety.

Benefit - Increases productivity, reduces recurring maintenance cost.

5. Bendwheel Design - Accuracy of about 4" is achieved.

Benefit - Perfect shape as per requirement.